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Whitmore Primary School

Whitmore Primary School

Value: £215,000

MEH Facilities were commissioned by Ensigna Construction Ltd on behalf of Hackney Learning Trust to carry out this challenging contract during the 2014 school summer holiday period.

The contract covered the complete rewire of this pre war built school within the six week summer holiday period and the works comprised:

  • The installation of a new main intake panel board and associated sub mains.
  • Rewiring of the lighting and power circuits.
  • Stripping out the existing lighting fittings and installing new energy efficient lighting and emergency lighting.
  • The adaptation and extension of the existing fire alarm system.

The contract required the rewiring to be carried out utilising the existing containment system where possible with PVC conduit extensions to the new equipment positions. However, it was soon discovered that this was not going to be possible mainly due to the condition of the existing PVC mini trunking and we were subsequently instructed to remove the existing PVC mini trunking and install new surface fixed PVC conduit.

This variation set us a considerable challenge to complete within the allotted period especially as the work mainly involved working from platform towers.

However, by effective, planning, project management, full time site management weekend working and a considerably increase in on site labour (during critical stages there were up to 20 operatives working on site) the works were completed on time.

The installation of the new energy efficient lighting involved over 500 light fittings of which over a half were suspended from the high ceilings in the classrooms. Installing the light fittings again mainly involved working from platform towers.

Due to manufacturing logistics the last batch of 70 classroom light fittings were not delivered until 4 days from the date of the school opening but again by effective planning and allocation of sufficient resources these were successfully installed in sufficient time.

The fire alarm works involved moving the existing fire alarm panel and the installation of additional smoke and heat detectors. This work was successfully carried out tested and commissioned in the contract period using a specialist supply chain partner.

The installation of the new main intake panel board involved full liaison with UK Power Network, the stripping out of all the existing main switch gear and installing a new sub main from the service head.


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May 18, 2017

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