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Norwood School

Norwood School

Client: London Borough of Lambeth

Consultants: Sir Fredrick Snow & Partners

Value: £232,921

The Norwood School project consisted of the replacement of defective pipework, fittings, valves, expansion bellows and brackets running in ducts from the main plant room, connecting and serving the school’s modern design.

This job required careful management and time efficiency and our works were phased over the term to enable the full use of the school.

We discovered a problem with the red oxide paint on the hot water pipes causing the production of toxic fumes.  A strict health and safety method statement was implemented involving breathing protection and ventilation air being forced in and out of the duct.

The discovery of completely rotten pipework meant a lot of fabrication and longer hours out of school time to insure these could be replaced without causing disruption. Once all new installations were in place and tested, insulation was applied.  Throughout this project not one school day was lost or access denied.  The project was successfully completed within the 6 month programme.


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April 4, 2017

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