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The Clachan Public House, Kingley Street, W1

The Clachan Public House, Kingley Street, W1

Client: Nicholson’s
Value: £8,200

The works involved the replacement of the heating and hot water boiler which served all areas of the premises.  The works were essential to make the system reliable, but it was not possible to have the works carried out during normal working hours due to the location of the boiler room and the fact that services needed to be maintained.

We carried out the work after the pub closed over a series of evenings, initially carrying out prefabrication of pipework and low loss header in preparation for the evening when we removed the existing boiler and installed the new boiler. By carrying out the works on an out of hours basis we were able to complete what was seemingly a very complex operation with no problems or loss of service.


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May 18, 2017

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