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Predictive Maintenance

Yes that’s right – we are able to predict future hazards and breakdowns avoiding costly emergencies.

This is a true peace-of-mind and potential money saving service. Please get in touch; especially if you have just purchased your building or it has not been maintained as recently as intended.

Infra-Red Thermography

Using the latest high resolution Infra-Red Technology, this powerful and non destructive technique allows a fast, safe and economical analysis of distribution boards and leaks to electrical equipment, and on-site plant.

Thermography is an easy way to find and check pipes and tubes for leaks. Even when water pipes are laid in the floor or under plaster; heat radiates through the surface and patterns can easily be detected with Infra-Red.

The use of Thermography, coupled with a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) regime is particularly effective in identifying sources of potential failure across all Mechanical & Electrical Services.

This peace-of-mind survey covers all the following areas:

Distribution Boards

Detection of ‘potential fire hazard hot spots’ without shutting down systems

Motors, Pumps & Gear Boxes

Detection of ‘hot spots’ and early warnings of imminent breakdowns

Under floor Heating

Scanning of coil elements to determine poor flow rates or leakage

Water, Steam and Condense Pipe Leakages

Exact location of leaks under floors and within the building fabric avoiding expensive ‘hit & miss’ demolition and evacuation works


Detection of insulation breakdown and potential fire hazard ‘hot spots’ beyond what a test and report will deliver

Insulation on Pipe work

Enables scanning of enclosed and exposed pipework identifying insulation breakdowns or total loss of protection

Air Conditioning

Possible detection of breakdown in pipe work and plant efficiency

Flue liners

Possible detection of breakdown in the Flue Liners

Data Centres

Looking for servers running hotter than normal and causing loss of important data


Scanning of boiler shells for hot spots, through poor water flow or shell deterioration, prior to a total breakdown


Early warning detection of potential breakdowns from ‘hot spots’