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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

The object of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is to prolong the life of plant, and avoid operational disruption by minimising breakdowns by the most economical means possible.

It is crucial to have such a programme in place immediately post new installation; where this hasn’t happened with a former contractor please get in touch with us to discuss remedying this as soon as practicably possible. As experts in this field we can advise and guide you through these stages recommending the most cost-effective methods and frequencies necessary.

All this without compromising budget or the essential needs of plant, manufacturers’ warranty or building requirements.

Our Operating Policies

We will never give you your problem back. We will resolve it. Or, if unforeseen works are uncovered, we will provide financial options for you to choose to suit your budget.

We consider most break down calls to be urgent and treat these accordingly.

We culturally work in a pro-active manner, being the eyes and ears of our clients in areas that may sometimes not be associated with our works i.e. advise them the drains in a plant room are blocked etc.

If you would like to experience our PPM service in action please get in touch.

Our KPI ratings

  • Breakdown call to site within 2 hours, or as applicable to the nature of the fault or contract
  • Reports either direct from the IT system or within 7 days of the visit. Emergency reports will be provided ‘as we go’
  • Estimates within a maximum of 7 days, or urgent ones, as the severity dictates
  • 24/7 Manned Help Line Service Desk is answered by trained operatives, who will immediately call the originator to discuss any mitigating action to be taken, until our engineer arrives
  • Highly skilled and trained Multi discipline Engineers within an on going training programme to learn of new products, techniques and legislation, which also includes recruiting and running apprenticeship programmes for young persons and change of direction careers people in partnership and guidance of our Trade Associations
  • Engineers provided with insignia PPE, ID badge, vacuum cleaners, dust sheets and correct tools and equipment for their appointed contracts
  • Modern liveried service vehicles equipped with basic spares and state of the art testing and commissioning instruments
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Infra scanning equipment for detecting precise positions of underground or within building fabric leaks or breakdowns of electrical insulation etc.
  • Larger types of ‘mobile work shops’ complete with welding and screwing equipment for bigger pipe repairs etc.
  • Technically trained efficient Service Managers and Help Line operators inducted to each individual Contract
  • Our reputation of dependability and excellence is based upon maintaining the above KPIs